Усилитель НЧ OEP8W 8Ватт 2.5-9 Вольт


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Усилитель НЧ OEP8W 8Ватт 2.5-9 Вольт

  • The power amplifier board is not soldered with the input signal cable, and the horn does not have any AC noise. If there is noise, return it directly.
    Each power amplifier board is fully tested and delivered normally (quality inspection and shipment). Customers can use 2.54 pin headers or fixtures to test the power amplifier board. They can be returned or exchanged at any time without tin. Please purchase carefully, thank you. Manufacturers are committed to shipping quality inspection, please buyers rest assured to shop.Precautions:
    1. Make sure the line is connected and then power on. If the line is not connected properly, the speaker chip will be damaged during the playback process-poor speaker cable contact. The self-inductive voltage of the poor contact of the horn will break down the power amplifier chip.
    2. The speaker cable should not exceed 60CM as much as possible. Be sure to use a professional audio cable if it exceeds the length.
    3. When the board is powered on, the hand cannot touch the power amplifier board circuit. The human body will cause the board to work abnormally and damage the power amplifier chip.
    4. Avoid touching the board with static electricity as much as possible. Static electricity will seriously damage the board.
    5. The input audio cable must be shielded. Do not replace it with a long cable. The bare wires in the space sense the electromagnetic waves in the space, and after being amplified by the amplifier, various interference sounds will appear in the speaker.
    6, the power supply voltage must be below 8.5V (dual-cell lithium battery power supply), exceeding the voltage, easy to damage the internal circuit (9V adapter charging, it is best to connect a NTC resistor in VCC or a 100UF capacitor in parallel with the power pin) The use of overvoltage is not in the scope of maintenance. The power cord must be used with a 1.5A thick wire.
    7. The input volume must be reasonable. The input volume is too large, causing the amplifier input to saturate-the amplifier does not work properly, and the amplifier chip is damaged instantly if it exceeds the amplifier’s amplification capability. The input volume is too small, resulting in the amplification not reaching the output power of the amplifier itself.
    8. The input volume is turned on the most, and the speaker is severely broken. A 1K resistor is connected in series on the IN + input pin to achieve a series voltage division with the input 1K resistor of the power amplifier board, and the volume immediately becomes 50%, half of the volume. Choose the resistor in series reasonably, so that the loudspeaker will not break and distortion when the amplifier volume is at its maximum volume.


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