модуль усилителя 5W+5W с Bluetooth 4.2 PCBA


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модуль усилителя 5W+5W с Bluetooth 4.2 PCBA

This produce  is a Class-G audio power amplifier with Bluetooth chip and automatic gain control (ALC) function based on Dual-PumpTM with power up to 4.6W. The JF-6676 features low harmonic distortion , Low-cost, low-power, high-quality Bluetooth music wireless speaker products. Circuit designed, mainly small noise, beautiful sound, clear bright, smaller board, universal.
 Board size: 60 * 27 * 10MM
 Output power: dual channel 5W +5 W
 Load: 4-8 ohms
 Voltage: DC 4.5-5V
 Bandwidth: 20HZ-20KHZ
 Signal to noise ratio: 98-110DB
 Distortion: 1KHZ 0.1%
 Bluetooth version: 4.2
 Support Bluetooth protocol: A2DP AVRCP hands-free agreement
 Support power-on pairing and automatic connection device
 Device without pairing code (device name Bluetooth can be changed)
  Bluetooth Speaker PCBA applications


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