Модуль MP3 плеера с пультом ДУ


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Модуль MP3 плеера с пультом ДУ

(the machine does not bring their own amplifier, dual audio output, suitable for car and amplifier installation)

1, DC 5V or 12V power supply (two choose one, can not access two kinds of voltage), the use of 12V1 security power;
3, support FAT16, FAT32 file system,
4, support MP1 Layer3, MP2 Layer3, MP3 Layer3 version of the song,
5, you can read the U disk, TF card MP3 songs;
6, support for Bluetooth, you need to buy a USB Bluetooth stick to support the use.
7, two-channel audio output, suitable for car and amplifier on the installation;

Product Specifications:
Installation openings: width 38 * high 15mm
Overall size: width 44 * height 24 * depth 40mm

Panel Function Description:
1, «TF» jack, plug in the MP3 song with SD or MMC card can automatically play (if the TF card to be a plus card sets).
2, the power indicator, power indicator light, the work light flashes;
3, remote control receiver;
4, «USB»: U disk jack, plug in MP3 songs with U disk can automatically play;
5, «PLAY / PAUSE»: in the USB / SD state short press to play / pause;

Wiring instructions:
1, 12V connection: 2P seat (J6 position), then 7V-12V DC, red line power positive, black line then the power supply negative; (see above picture)
GND, audio ground; L-O, left audio output. GND, audio ground; R-O, right audio output; GND, audio ground; L-O, left audio output. (Note: just audio output, can not directly pick up the speaker, need to connect amplifier)
Special instructions: current 600MA-1A, the current is not enough to jump or remote control and other phenomena (if you have this problem please check your power); see the above figure should pay attention to the product can not be connected to the two groups of power supply voltage can not be higher than The maximum voltage required for the product will damage the main chip and related components!


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